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Our Fort Worth and Dallas-based painting company was established in 2008. While many other businesses were shutting their doors, Platinum Painting has increased our capacity, due to our quality services and compassionate team. We're one of the most prominent independently-owned residential repainting companies in the metroplex. We are committed to the satisfaction of every home owner, which is why our company and our home painting projects are always successful.

In an industry which has no union rules or licensing requirements, Platinum Painting is a company that provides accountability, insurance, and bonding. Our home owners can feel safe in their decision to choose Platinum Painting.

Each member of our team is ready to help fulfill your needs. Here are a few of the Platinum Painting professionals.

karl pickens platinum painting kellerKarl Pickens, CEO/Owner


Karl is a born and bred Texan who has excelled in the customer service industry for over 20 years. He resides in Keller with his lovely wife Majorie and their beautiful daughter. Karl’s passion for excellent service, his focus on providing his customers with the best product possible, and his attention to detail makes him perfect to lead the Platinum Painting team.


Jorge Hoguin - platinum paintingJorge Holguin, Chief of Operations


Jorge began with Platinum Painting as the Project Coordinator, and after a well-deserved promotion, now serves as our Chief of Operations. His commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and his support for every member of the Platinum Painting team makes him a vital asset to the success and performance of the company. Jorge strives to hold everything together to help the operations of Platinum Painting run smoothly. He is very detail-oriented and ensures the high standards of Platinum Painting are always delivered to our customers. Jorge walks the houses from start to finish so that he can address any concerns to deliver a beautiful paint experience. He looks forward to helping you meet your dreams during your home renovation.


chris adkins - professional repainting kellerChris Adkins, South Regional Manager


Chris has a well-rounded professional background of over 30 years in engineering, residential and commercial building management, and remodeling. Chris takes advantage of every opportunity to serve and help each Platinum Painting customer. He does his best to ensure that they achieve the highest quality results. Chris has been a resident of Arlington for over 25 years, and you can find him on the many golf ranges of the DFW area.


anthony gomez - professional painting services dentonAnthony Gomez, North Regional Manager


Anthony brings over 10 years of customer service to his role as the Denton County Regional Manager. He is very hands-on, and his outstanding work ethic allows him to follow his project until the satisfaction-filled end. This family man resides in Denton County with his lovely wife and two beautiful children.


ben rosenthal - platinum paintingBen Rosenthal, Central and South Regional Manager


Ben has resided in north Texas for over ten years, and he serves as the Central and South Regional Manager of Platinum Painting. He has extensive experience with home furnishing and painting and uses this skill to help customers improve their home. When Ben was asked what he likes the best about serving customers, he answered, “I am very proud to work for Platinum Painting, as this truly is a company that strives to exceed our customers’ expectations. At the end of the day, I know that we have made people happy, and that is what it is all about.” Outside of his work, Ben enjoys traveling with his family and cheering for his children at their sporting events.


Eddie McDaniel - professional painting services dentonEddie McDaniel, East Regional Manager


Eddie brings decades of experience in home remodeling and construction to the team, and uses it to help his customers with their painting projects. Eddie prides himself on being a good listener, and strives to make each Platinum Painting project an enjoyable experience. He is a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather. He and his wife of over 30 years, Miriam, are active leaders in their church and other volunteer organizations. Eddie looks forward to meeting and exceeding all of our customers' expectations.


Randy- platinum paintingRandy, Dallas Manager


Randy brings over 20 years experience in the paint industry through residential and commercial markets. Along with a high expectation of giving great customer service, Randy has a great eye for color helping his customers through the decision making process. Randy wanted to join Platinum Painting because of it's dedication to being the most customer friendly company in the market. "I believe Platinum Painting not only brings excellence to the finished paint project, but the loyalty and dedication to the project as if it were our own home. Platinum Painting has the highest integrity behind our work and our relationships we build with our customers." Randy not only enjoys working as a team with Platinum Painting, but Randy and his wife, Jill, enjoy raising their triplets living in Forney, finding every family adventure they can.


Raul Barraza - platinum paintingRaul Barraza, Sales Representative


Raul began with Platinum Painting as a Project Coordinator, and his positive attitude and dedication to delivering quality results for every customer earned him a promotion to Sales Representative for the company. Raul’s experience in sales and subsequent unique knowledge of paints and stains benefit his customers during each stage of their painting process. When this hardworking and dedicated individual was asked what sets Platinum Painting apart from other companies, he said, “Every single member of this team actually cares about our customers. That’s why I chose to join Platinum Painting. The bottom line is that most companies are out to get your money and get out. It’s the truth! I dare you to name another team that goes above and beyond like we do to take care of our customers. There is no one like us, I can promise you that.”


rail andrade - platinum paintingRaul Andrade, Project Coordinator


Raul A. has been actively involved in the customer service industry for over 3 years, and has recently graduated from high school with honors. After rapidly moving up in Sherwin-Williams as a top employee, Raul chose to work in Platinum Painting. Raul is a man who takes pride in his work and in his ability to help people, which he thoroughly enjoys doing. Raul insists that once customers begin working with Platinum Painting, they will realize that the company is undoubtedly the best at what they do. “Just like a primer, we take care of the mistakes so you can see the beauty at the end of the project."


ivan gonzales - platinum paintingIvan Gonzales, Project Coordinator


Ivan works as a project coordinator for Platinum Painting. He ensures the customer fully understands everything during the process of making their vision a reality. He has hands-on experience in the painting profession, which gives him an eye for fine detail. He has worked in the customer service industry since he graduated with honors in 2012. "Here at Platinum Painting, professionalism and customer satisfaction is key." When he is not working, you can either find Ivan at a local soccer complex or fishing at the lake.


Luis Castillo- platinum paintingLuis Castillo, Project Coordinator


Luis is the newest member of Platinum Painting! Don't let his young appearance fool you - Luis is a great asset to the team. In 2012, he graduated from Trimble Technical High School with a concentration in graphics and design. This makes him a great addition to Platinum Painting, as he's able to come up with the best color palette for your home. He looks forward to helping his clients as he gains experience and learns on the job. With his positive attitude and big smile, we're confident that Luis will bring fresh insight and a new outlook to the company. Outside of the office, you can find Luis taking on the wilderness by hiking, hunting, or fishing!


Christian Barraza- platinum paintingCristian Barraza, Project Coordinator


Cristian is a Project Coordinator at Platinum Painting. He has over a year of customer service and paint experience with Sherwin-Williams. He said, "There is nothing like a group of great, caring, and educated people to work with. I love how we take pride on each project we do and go sky-high for each customer." He takes pride in his work ethic, positive attitude, eye for color, and communicating well to help customers. Cristian loves learning more and more with each project. He explained, "You can never learn too much. You always learn something new every day. My goal here is to make our customers happy and satisfied. With our amazing customer service, I am confident in our team that we will leave each home knowing we gave it our all. Like we say, 'We don't cut corners, we paint them.'" Outside of work, Cristian enjoys family time, being outdoors, playing the guitar and doing what he loves, which is listening to and playing music!

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