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Timely Transformations: How to Paint a Room in a Day

April 5, 2024

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a person painting a room in their home

Is it time to transform one of the rooms in your home with a fresh coat of paint? You’re probably really looking forward to the process, and though it might seem like a lot of work, there are no doubts that the outcome will completely amaze you. And with the right preparation and approach, you can beautifully transform your space – even in just one day! Continue reading below for some key considerations when it comes to interior painting in a timely fashion.


Why Does Interior Painting Seem So Expensive?

April 3, 2024

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a closeup of painting supplies

If your house needs a makeover, there’s no better way to give it a renewed look and feel than a fresh coat of interior paint. However, many homeowners feel a little discouraged by the thought of paying a large sum of money to transform their home, without realizing that the seemingly high price is actually quite worthwhile! Continue reading below to learn more about a few of the factors that determine what you can expect to pay to have your home’s interior repainted – and why it’s absolutely worth the price, given how elevated your space will feel.


The Dos and Don’ts of Accent Walls: Three Wise Tips to Consider

March 3, 2024

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a green accent wall in a home office

When it comes to interior painting and design, selecting the right accent wall can transform a room from mundane to completely mesmerizing! An accent wall can add depth, character, and visual interest – while also serving as a focal point that ties the entire space together. Continue reading below for three tips that are certain to help you make a well-informed and tasteful decision when painting an accent wall in your home!


Bad Home Design Trends That Are on Their Way Out

March 1, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 9:55 pm
a bathroom with outdated wallpaper

In the ever-evolving world of home design, trends come and go—and what was once considered stylish can quickly become outdated, or worse, tacky! As a homeowner, the last thing you should want is a design or color scheme that is woefully obsolete. Fortunately, a team of professional painters can help transform your space and bring it up to date. Continue reading below to learn about a few design trends that are on their way out, along with a few fresh and modern ideas to liven up your home!


Can I Still Paint My Home’s Exterior If My Community Has an HOA?

February 7, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 4:33 pm
a newly painted home

Homeowner’s associations, often abbreviated as “HOAs,” have a bit of a stigma associated with them. While they undoubtedly ensure that a neighborhood looks nice, clean, and well-maintained, they also have a reputation for sometimes being a little stubborn or particular when it comes to how homes look. And if you want to paint your home’s exterior, you might have doubts about whether or not your HOA will let you do as you please. Here are three key things to keep in mind as you navigate this process!


4 Exciting Paint Color Scheme Ideas for Your Home Office

February 2, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 10:37 pm
a person painting their home office

Whether your home office is a space that’s designated for running a business, working remotely at your job, paying bills and organizing your schedule, or teaming up with your friends for some online gaming, you deserve a space that makes you happy! That said, this involves much more than a cozy desk chair and some inspirational framed posters on the walls; you’ll want to use the right paint color scheme, too! Continue reading below for a few color ideas that will help you make the most of your home office and establish it as a spot where no matter what you’re doing, you’ll feel right at home.


How Often Should I Repaint My Walls?

January 4, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 6:03 am
a woman holding a paintbrush

When it comes to home maintenance, one task that’s often overlooked is repainting the interior walls. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, maintaining the appearance of your walls can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of your living space. But how often should these walls be repainted? It depends on a few different factors, including the room that’s being painted. Here’s more about how often you should touch up and repaint the various rooms throughout your home!


7 Exciting and Unique Paint Colors That Just Work

January 2, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 5:29 am
a closeup of assorted paint cans

When it comes to repainting your home, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Injecting some personality into your living space can be quite easy, especially if you savvily utilize crazy and wacky paint colors! Here are a few bold paint color scheme ideas that might be a perfect fit for your next interior painting project!  


4 Tips That Every Pet Owner Should Know When Painting Their Home

December 3, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 7:55 pm
a woman painting her home with her dog

Did you know that roughly 65 million households in the US have a dog, while around 46 million have a cat? Needless to say, pets are popular—but so are paint projects! Just last year alone, over 1.4 billion gallons of paint were used by Americans. So it’s reasonable to assume that there are pet owners who are also repainting their homes. If you fall into this category, you might be wondering if there’s anything you need to know; after all, painting your home is a pretty big undertaking that affects everyone in the household, including your pets! Here are four tips to keep in mind.


Why You Should Consider Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

December 1, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — platinumteam @ 6:37 am
a modern kitchen with handleless cabinets

These days, more and more homeowners are considering how they can increase the functionality of their kitchen while also ensuring it looks great. A fresh coat of paint is one way to do this—but did you know that handleless cabinets also are one of the premier kitchen design options due to their numerous benefits? Continue reading below to learn about some of the unique advantages that a handleless kitchen cabinet scheme has to offer, including making the cabinet painting process much less of a hassle.

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