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Can I Still Paint My Home’s Exterior If My Community Has an HOA?

February 7, 2024

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Homeowner’s associations, often abbreviated as “HOAs,” have a bit of a stigma associated with them. While they undoubtedly ensure that a neighborhood looks nice, clean, and well-maintained, they also have a reputation for sometimes being a little stubborn or particular when it comes to how homes look. And if you want to paint your home’s exterior, you might have doubts about whether or not your HOA will let you do as you please. Here are three key things to keep in mind as you navigate this process!

1. Know What Is and Isn’t Allowed

HOAs often have a fair number of restrictions concerning what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to how homeowners decorate and design their houses. A lot of these rules are centered around things like landscaping, lawn ornaments or signs, and of course, exterior paint. While some might seem arbitrary or unfair, these regulations exist to make the neighborhood feel organized, immaculate, and pleasing to the eye. As you begin planning your painting project, be sure you’re familiarizing yourself with any relevant HOA rules and guidelines.

2. Ask for Permission

You’ll need to ask your HOA for permission to paint your home’s exterior. This will allow a member to review the color scheme you’ve chosen to ensure that it complies with all relevant guidelines. If you’ve done your homework and selected colors that will be approved, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Know that if you begin painting without permission from your HOA, or if you opt for a scheme that’s not allowed, you might be subject to fines—and you’ll also be made to repaint.

3. Consider Other Homes in the Neighborhood

It’s pretty likely that your HOA won’t want you to use the same color scheme as your neighbors; while uniformity is nice, it’s off-putting for every single home to have the exact same colors and hues. That said, you should still have quite a bit of flexibility. Look around at the houses next to yours, across the street, and even behind you—aim to complement these colors with your own scheme.

The bottom line is that communities with HOAs can have unique sets of bylaws to ensure uniformity and beauty, meaning you’ll want to be a little more considerate as you plan out your project. That said, you’ll still have all sorts of trendy, modern options—and a professional team can ensure that your results look even more beautiful than you can imagine!

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