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Bad Home Design Trends That Are on Their Way Out

March 1, 2024

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a bathroom with outdated wallpaper

In the ever-evolving world of home design, trends come and go—and what was once considered stylish can quickly become outdated, or worse, tacky! As a homeowner, the last thing you should want is a design or color scheme that is woefully obsolete. Fortunately, a team of professional painters can help transform your space and bring it up to date. Continue reading below to learn about a few design trends that are on their way out, along with a few fresh and modern ideas to liven up your home!

Trends That Are on Their Way Out

Here are a few trends that have seen their time in the spotlight and are now considered outdated by most modern designers:

·        Popcorn ceilings – Once a popular choice for their acoustic properties, popcorn ceilings have fallen out of favor due to their dated appearance and difficulty in keeping clean.

·        Dated wallpaper – While wallpaper can add texture and visual interest to a room, outdated patterns can make a space feel somewhat stuck in the past, especially if they’re overly busy.

·        Animal prints – Cowhides, zebra rugs, and other animal prints used to give rooms exotic flair back in the ‘70s, but these days they tend to look a little cheesy rather than worldly.

·        Monochromatic color schemes – While monochromatic color schemes can create a sense of harmony, they can make a room feel flat, uninspired, and even a little gloomy.

·        All whites and grays – It’s true that white and gray are two of the most versatile colors, but these days, homeowners are shifting away from these stark options in favor of cozier choices.

·        Nautical motifs – It’s time to set sail from this trend that includes navy-and-white inspired décor and beach-themed vibes. Or at least relegate it to smaller rooms.

·        Terrazzo – Though it might not seem like Terrazzo is totally out, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most faddish options in recent years and will probably entirely fade out of style soon.

Trust A Team of Professionals for Stylish, Beautiful Results

Thankfully, a team of professional painters can breathe new life into your home by updating its look and feel with fresh colors and finishes. They’re fully capable of removing popcorn textures and applying fresh paint for sleek, modern ceilings (that are quite easy to maintain and clean). As for outdated wallpaper, they can easily remove older patterns and replace them with cohesive paint color schemes that will last longer and look better. No matter how outdated or tacky your home might feel, they’ll have the experience and savvy to help transform your space into something you’re proud to show off!

About Platinum Painting

Platinum Painting has proudly served homeowners across the DFW metroplex for over 15 years, offering expert assistance and guidance with a wide range of interior and exterior projects. They also keep up to date with all the latest trends, so know that you’re getting sound advice when it comes to your next painting venture. If you have any questions about the blog, or you’d like to get in touch with their team to set up a FREE in-home estimate, please feel free to visit their website or call them today for more information.

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