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4 Modern Paint Color Schemes That Work Well in Older or Historic Homes

October 13, 2023

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If you own an older or historic home, congratulations—you have a piece of history in your hands! With that in mind, you should want your house to look and feel modern and up-to-date, but you might not want to fully sacrifice any of your home’s existing charm. Luckily, choosing the right paint color scheme can help you accomplish all your design goals and leave you feeling quite proud of your abode! Continue reading below for a few paint color schemes that tend to work quite well in older or historic homes, so that you can preserve your home’s heritage and feel while making it your dream space!

1. Earthy Neutrals

Earthy colors like muted greens and browns, shades of gray, taupe, beige, greige, and more can all greatly elevate an older or historic home. These choices work well in homes constructed from natural materials, like wood or stone. Some of the most popular choices these days include olive green and terracotta, along with classic browns and golds like Sweet Molasses or khaki bronze.

2. Soft Pastels

Soft pastels also tend to be excellent choices for older or historic homes; powder blue, mint green, or even pale yellow or pink can all function well, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Pastels can also be paired well with white trims and molding to create a more balanced look, but having these schemes featured front and center can also boost your home’s appeal.

3. Rich & Bold Colors

Sometimes, bigger and bolder is better: chrome yellow, navy blue, jade dragon, and other colors are all fun, exciting, and bold enough to make a lasting impression. Balancing bold options with earthy neutrals is also a great way to ensure that your selection doesn’t feel too overwhelming; however, these colors can also be muted or used in accents to achieve similar effects. You don’t have to be too bold, though—if you’re worried that something like a bright pink or intense orange might feel too intense, you can opt for something in the middle, such as a vibrant shade of salmon.

4. Whites & Creams

It’s true that white-washing is quite popular these days—after all, what doesn’t work well with timeless, classic white? Although pure white might seem a little stark and plain for older or historic homes, warm whites with subtle undertones can foster a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Shades of white are also great for rooms and spaces with limited natural light, since they help to bounce and reflect light.

It’s not always easy to select a color scheme for your home—especially if you’re working with an older or historic one. Nonetheless, these color schemes all tend to work quite well at making your home feel more modern, or preserving its older charm if that’s your desire.

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