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Why Winter is the Best Time to Complete Your Interior Painting

December 23, 2018

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A worker painting a wall on a ladder.The winter season brings it’s fair share of snow, assuming you live in a region where snow is common. Even so, painting a home in the cold is not exactly ideal, even for painting professionals. Instead of breaking out the winter jacket and earmuffs, it might actually be better to focus on your home’s interior instead. While you’ll want to get the exterior painted eventually, it’s better to wait for a more ideal climate than to brave the frigid weather. Consider these four reasons why interior painting is a great place to start this season.


Take Advantage of Your Holiday Vacation

If you’re snowed in, consider this perfect timing to take a closer look at your home’s interior. Even if you aren’t snowed in, chances are you’ve taken some time off work and have some time to kill anyway. Just make sure you purchase the paint you want to use beforehand in case you do get snowed in. While you’re at it, it may be good to purchase other supplies commonly found in paint stores, such as shovels or salt for your driveway.

Faster Drying Paint

Alternatively, those who live in dryer climates throughout the year can also take advantage of the winter season. Summer means higher rates of humidity, which is not exactly ideal for the drying process. Because winter weather is generally a dryer season, your paint job should dry noticeably quicker than it would during other times of the year. Just make sure to crack the windows so proper ventilation can get in.

Earlier Natural Light

Since daylight savings time occurs during the winter season, you’ll get more light during the morning hours. This should act as good incentive to get up early and start your paint job then. If your room has windows and you live in a snowy climate, you can also take advantage of the natural light reflecting off of the snow outside. More light makes it easier for you to see areas of your interior you may miss. It also allows you to work more efficiently, shortening the process overall.

Save Money on Professional Painting

If you plan on hiring a painting company, you’ll learn that their rates go down during the winter season. According to some estimates, painting during the winter season can be as much as 40 percent cheaper compared to hiring services during the summer. Getting a professional paint job at a lower rate is always a benefit!

Additionally, getting your interior paint job done now will give you more time to focus on the exterior once the weather gets warmer. You’ll also have more time to focus on outdoor projects in general, including garden plots, deck repairs and utility maintenance.

No longer do you have to ask yourself “when is the best time to paint inside my house?” There’s no better time than winter to work with a painting company. Call a professional to get your estimate today!

About Platinum Painting

The team members at Platinum Painting are interior experts who only focus on residential homes. That means you can expect knowledge that’s catered to you as a homeowner, not vague information that could help any average client. It also means you can get your cabinets and doors painted along with your walls. To learn more about their work or get a free estimate, you can contact them through their website.

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