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3 Reasons Why Prepping Walls Is Important for Exterior Painting

June 15, 2023

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pressure washing outside walls for exterior paint

At first, the idea of painting the outside of your home may not seem like a huge undertaking. You just put a coat of paint on the walls, right? Wrong! Exterior painting requires quite a bit of preliminary work from you and the company you hire. Keep reading to learn how the walls should be prepped in advance and why!

What Prep Work Needs to Be Done for Exterior Painting?

Before the painters arrive, you as the homeowner will need to take down any hanging objects from the exterior walls. Sprinklers should also be turned off on the day the painters come to avoid dousing the crew and to keep the walls dry when painting.

Once the team comes, they have work to do as well before they begin to paint; namely, exterior walls must be power washed and allowed to dry. Finally, a coat of primer needs to be added to the wall.

But why are these preparatory steps necessary? Here are three reasons to consider!

Reason #1: All Walls Need Prep Work.

Regardless of where they are located in or out of the home, walls have to be prepared before paint can be applied. Instead of adhering to the surface, the paint will trap and attach to the dirt, dust, and grime, potentially causing the paint to chip or peel prematurely.

Just as you wouldn’t put a Band-aid over a dirty wound, you shouldn’t put paint over a dirty surface. For interior walls, the cleaning process is less intensive, but it’s still an essential step if you want your paint to look good and stay in that condition.

Reason #2: Exterior Walls Can Get Messier Than Interior Walls.

Although interior walls should also be washed prior to opening the first paint can, cleaning and prepping exterior walls are especially important because they tend to get dirtier. Think about it—exterior walls are literally surrounded by more dirt!

To provide a cleaner surface for the paint, you won’t have to scrub the walls yourself, but you should look out for any holes that need filling or minor damage that may need repair. The painting company should be able to help with pressure washing and caulking to get the walls ready.

Reason #3: Exterior Walls Have to Withstand the Elements.

Unlike interior walls, which usually face very little abuse, exterior walls deal with rain, snow, hail, and blazing hot sunlight. Clearly, the paint applied to the outside of your house has to be durable and properly handled to stand the test of time. As a result, prep work becomes all the more important. When the tough exterior paint adheres to the walls as they should, it can protect these surfaces from the elements and prevent water damage.

If you want your exterior paint to last as long as possible, you need to make sure all the preliminary work is done before the paint comes out. By working with a company that understands and takes these steps, you can trust the quality and longevity they can provide.

About Platinum Painting

Platinum Painting is locally owned and operated by Karl and Marjorie Pickens. In 2008, they left their customer service careers in the home sector to start this residential painting company. Our team has expertise in painting basically any exterior surface, including brick, siding, metal, wood, and more. To schedule your consultation and get a better idea of the prep work needed for your house, contact our Customer Care team.

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