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5 Helpful Tips for Painting Children’s Rooms

May 3, 2023

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a woman and her daughter painting a wall together

We do a lot for our children—after all, our own happiness is linked directly with theirs, meaning that we should want them to feel content and right at home in their bedrooms. One way we can achieve this is by painting their room in a way that suits them and their interests. However, you might not even know where to begin when starting this process! Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind.

1. Put Thought into the Color You’re Choosing

The fact of the matter is that different colors have different effects on people. For instance, orange, yellow, and other warm colors are known to promote feelings of comfort and well-being, and green is often calming or nurturing. Blues and greys can have cooling effects, while red can be passionate and even energizing. Keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish and pick colors that serve your purpose well. Remember, newborns and young infants only have black-and-white vision, so for nurseries, you have much more freedom when selecting a color scheme.

2. Be Mindful of Contrasting Paints or Color Combinations

On a related note, combining paint colors is also a viable option—and it can open up many aesthetically-pleasing possibilities! However, always remember that what might look good on those tiny sample paint squares may not translate well onto an interior wall. Consider consulting with professionals to have a better idea of what colors work well together and which ones aren’t very complementary.

3. Consider a Wall Mural

Many youngsters appreciate wall murals because they can fully incorporate a lot of things children are passionate about, whether it’s their favorite characters, television shows, music, or more. If you decide to pursue this route, it’s often best to employ a professional interior painting service or a trustworthy artist that has stencils for you to choose from, to ensure the absolute best-looking results. That said, since kids’ interests are often constantly changing, you might need to be prepared to repaint when your little one’s interests or tastes change.

4. Properly Utilize Space and Add Decoration

You can also greatly compliment a new coat of interior paint by enhancing the surrounding space and adding tasteful décor—and this doesn’t have to be expensive at all! Consider hanging up posters or pictures on neutral walls, add cushions or rugs for added comfort, and even bring in furniture that can add a different look and feel to the room (you can even paint this furniture).

5. Ask for Your Child’s Input

It’s always worth involving your kids in the choice of paint colors and furnishings for their room if they’re old enough; however, don’t be tempted to allow free range—this could lead to some very unconventional decisions! Ask them about what colors they like, which ones they dislike, and inquire about their interests. This is more information at your disposal that will assist you with the overall process; by taking the time to ensure that your kid is happy with their room, you’re giving them the space they need to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed, which translates directly into happiness and peace-of-mind!

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