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3 Key Things to Keep in Mind About Painting Exterior Brick

April 4, 2023

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a person painting an exterior brick wall

Whether you’re building a brand-new house for your family, planning an extensive remodel in preparation to sell, or simply hoping to update an older brick wall or chimney, painting your exterior brick is an exciting project that will add an immense amount of curb appeal to your home. That said, it’s worth knowing a few important details about this process before kicking things off so that you’re ultimately setting your results up to beautifully last for as long as possible. Here are three things you should keep in mind as you start your exterior brick makeover.

Carefully Plan Your Color Scheme

Painted brick indeed offers a timeless and beautiful look that’ll attract the attention of all who pass by your home—and one reason that homeowners absolutely love this project is that they generally have a great amount of influence on the final outcome. Many shades and varieties of colors exist to complement virtually any type of home; don’t hesitate to try out different samples and test whatever hues pique your interest. In any case, you should consider a color scheme that goes well with your home’s architecture as well as the surrounding landscape. You can even consider complementing neighboring homes or structures. It’s worth noting that white is an incredibly popular choice for brick these days! By carefully planning things out, you’ll ensure that your end result looks great and radically boosts your house’s curb appeal.

Ensure You’re Working with a Clean and Intact Surface

You’ll need to be sure that the brick exterior you’re planning to paint is both clean and uncompromised before you get started—it would be a waste of time, effort, and money to renovate a degrading surface! When you’re cleaning the brick, be sure that you’re carefully addressing areas with mold and mildew, and don’t neglect areas with minor damage either. Once everything is adequately washed, dried, and touched up, give it one last thorough inspection.

A Special Type of Primer Is Needed

As with other painting projects, you’ll want to use a primer beforehand to ensure that your paint is able to do its job well. However, when it comes to painting brick, a special type of primer formulated for masonry is needed. These primers protect the brick surface from moisture and other natural elements that would potentially harm it or the paint finish—it’s a step that you don’t want to neglect. Once the primer is dried and the paint’s been applied, it’ll look smooth and should last for several years before needing to be touched up.  

Painting the brick exterior of your home can be quite an undertaking, but by knowing what you’re getting into and having a good understanding of the initial steps of the process, you’ll certainly set yourself up for beautiful and resilient results.

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